About Paws Fur a Moment

Paws Fur a Moment Photography began in 2002 after my husband and I adopted two eight-week old golden retriever puppies. Nugget and Comanche were brothers and from day one, they would sit and pose for me and my camera…a point-and-shoot Canon at the time…until I’d say “OK” and they’d go about their business.

Raising Nugget and Comanche, I began to notice nature differently. I’ve always had a love for nature, but seeing our two “boys” run, explore, relax, and enjoy the moment, made me realize we all need to “Pause for a Moment” and enjoy the world around us…from the tiniest flower to the largest mountain.

Having studied graphic design…and continuing to have a career as a graphic designer, I am able to mesh my design and photography talents together to create the items I sell.

It is my pleasure to share what I capture through the lens of my camera. I am blessed to live in a place where there is so much natural beauty within a few minutes or a couple hours.

I hope you enjoy what I share.

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