The Reason Paws Fur a Moment Exists…

In September of 2002, my husband and I decided to adopt a golden retriever puppy. We’d seen an ad in the paper for golden puppies and decided to go take a look at the litter. By the time we got there, the only puppies left were two males…one red and one light gold. My husband preferred the red one…and I was drawn to the lighter of the two. Not able to make a decision on which one we should take home with us, it was decided that we couldn’t leave one behind…so we adopted both!

Even though we both loved both puppies…the red one, Comanche, was more attached to my husband…and the light one, Nugget, was more attached to me. They grew to be a big part of our lives.

They loved going on hikes with us on our mountain property and I always had my camera in hand. From day one…they would sit and pose until I was done snapping the shutter on my camera several times.

I soon began creating note cards with the images I was capturing and sold the cards at our local Farmer’s Market when we’d sell our garden harvest. Nugget and Comanche became favorites at our booth and several customers would stop by every Saturday just to see “the boys” and give them treats.

After nine years of wonderful times and unconditional love, Nugget was diagnosed with K-9 Leukemia and passed away peacefully at home just a few short weeks later. He and I had such a strong connection…unlike I had experienced with any other pets in the past. He was one special dog. I miss him every day and am thankful for having him in my life.

Three years after Nugget passed away, his brother, Comanche, also passed away peacefully at home at the age of 12. Like his brother, he was such a special part of our lives for 12 years. Comanche was usually “all business” and very serious. But, extremely lovable. I miss his “hugs” and his sweet personality.

Though I miss them terribly, I’m so very grateful they were in our lives. And I’m so very thankful that when the time came…we didn’t have to make “that decision”. They both simply went to sleep at home and crossed the Rainbow Bridge when they were ready. They are forever in my heart.

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