I am fortunate enough to live in Wyoming. A place with wide open spaces, lots of fresh air, and undisturbed natural places where one can clear their mind and escape the “noise” of politics and pandemics. On any given day, I can enjoy the mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and hiking trails that are near my home. It’s a benefit of living here that I’m happy to share through my photos.

During the year of 2020, I’d completely neglected my blog. I had high hopes of writing and sharing on a regular basis. But all the “noise” of what was going on in the crazy world just wouldn’t allow the words to flow. Like everyone else, I just couldn’t wrap my head around what was happening.

So, I went for quiet walks or short hikes whenever possible…always having a camera with me. Whether it was just my iPhone or my Canon…I’ve always got a camera with me. Documenting things of beauty in the natural world. Things that bring me peace in troubled times…things that bring me peace every day.

Ice fishing at Pathfinder Reservoir • January 2020
On Casper Mountain • February 2020
Snow on Casper Mountain (measured by my hiking pole) • March 2020
Spring runoff in Garden Creek at Rotary Park • Casper, Wyoming • April 2020
Hiking the Bridle Trail • Casper Mountain • May 2020
Wildflowers in Beartrap Meadow • May 2020
Newly born antelope with their mama in the cemetery • June 2020
Deer Creek near Casper, Wyoming • July 2020
Monarch butterfly on thistle flower • August 2020
Sunflower opening up • in my sunflower bed • August 2020
Changing seasons on Casper Mountain • September 2020
Garden Creek at Rotary Park • October 2020
Alcova Lake • November 2020
Christmas 2020

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